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International Youngsters App Consumption

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Stoop&Simon’s report intends to offer an exploratory qualitative overview of the state of youngsters mobile phone use in general and apps specifically. The aim is to provide a more solid…

To app or to browse? That’s the question

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For the past years, business owners have been wondering if the generalization of apps was a transient trend or would mean the end of mobile web-browsing. The answer was unclear until…

How to compete with free?

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PRICING ONLINE CONTENT TO REACH YOUNGSTERS. Executive Summary Lately, the pricing of digital content has become a source of debate. How much is it too much when we are paying…

iPhone app Futurize #101

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Een “must have” app voor alle marketeers, brand- en productmanagers Let’s Futurize about your company Om de propositie “Verjongingsmarketing” van Stoop & Simon op een nieuwe en verrassende manier bekend…